Chu Chunk: Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit Hits LCN



ESTA上周四,2月20日 和周五2月21日ST, LCN Crusader Nation Theatre presented their winter production: “Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit”. The play was a comedy that put an ironic twist on classic fairy tales, for example portraying Old McDonald as a corrupt politician who is secretly fear mongering to garner more publicity for his campaign. The play had many highlights, and also some issues. MoST of the jokes landed, especially towards 日e second act.

第一幕围绕着警察部队调查的世界卫生组织吹倒了三只小猪的房子罪。 ESTA导致埃文Ostling里根'20和'20 Nehring的队通过各种不同的童话故事,匹诺曹:如询问和质疑七个小矮人。不幸的是,尽管OSTling和其他演员,1魅力表现ST 似乎严重拖累行为,很难跟随在倍。很多舌头在脸颊童话曲折的开始飞过人们的头脑作为播放打勾一起,而不是一切降落。对于此种智能播放依靠讽刺,在单行,几乎每一个场景强行关闭出奇地平淡,干燥,有时畏缩值得的。

One particularly tired gag was the 3 narrators who stepped out before each and every scene to vocally pronounce the sound effect “Chu Chunk”, (which was confusing and strange to many audience members until seemingly throughout the play it was realized 通过 the audience this was meant to be interpreted as a sound effect from the TV intro of the law & Order series,) give the time, and give 日e location, respectively. This did not land and instead always set an almoST awkward tone for each scene.

然而,剧中确实有很多高点和出色的表演凡演员的激情和魅力通过克利照。 jaylen大一戴维斯B.B。狼,资深埃文Ostling为矮胖在第一幕中,以及安东尼奥·戴维斯资深老麦当劳在第二幕带来了大量的精力,共同举办的比赛,尽管摇摇欲坠的脚本。 OSTling是有多大独白对他掉下长城已经导致他辞职的警察部队和失去信心的社会,以及戴维斯的大显示,我心里暗暗一个腐败的政治家,是亮点。

第二幕明显更好,更快的节奏比第一,与神秘是更容易执行。该法围绕老麦当劳试图框定itsy bitsy的蜘蛛为犯罪。当老麦克唐纳被揭示为腐败第二幕的点睛之笔来全,因为我已经支付他的见证,小宝贝,“封口费”,并为她暴露了他,我宣布“嘘小宝贝!不说一个字!“ ESTA笑话得到了很多有许多投资笑和观众的。

Overall, the script was very shaky and suffered often times from feeling like a series of skits with little cohesion to the story. As per usual, however, the passion that the actors and cast brought to the project shone through and made it worthwhile in the end. The play was also a good send off to many of the seniors involved in this play as their final production, as they got to have fun on stage and take part in a very character-driven play. The actors and STage crew deserve lots of credit and kudos for completing another production, and also congratulations is deserved to the seniors who took part in “Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit” as 日eir final production.